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Why Us


Because life is too short to wear mass produced jewellery!

All our jewellery is lovingly handmade by talented artisans whose expertise lies in creating luxurious jewellery since many years. This not only empowers the community but the synergy between craftsmen and designers results in unique pieces that are a culmination of art, technical knowledge, precision and quality. We pride in collaborating with brands with impeccable quality standards so you can treasure your most loved pieces for generations.


We pride in bringing emerging talents under one roof. With unique and exclusive designs, starting from wooden to hand embroidery to Swarovski so you can your hands on one-of-a-kind piece for every style and occasion under one roof.


We feel proud to share that we are a part of an initiative that solely aims to empower women. At House of Tuhina, they upskill women that were previously unemployed due to societal taboos by introducing them to the art of weaving. Through the honed skills, these women can now earn a living from their own homes. We feel privileged to be associated with such brands and would love to be a part of more such collaborations in the future.


We are trying to make positive decisions throughout the buying process by collaborating with designers that incorporate conscious consumerism and sustainability in some form or the other. Whether it be in manufacturing processes, in the raw materials or in packaging, this means a lot to us. Our love for slow fashion and belief in quality over quantity encourages us to support brands with similar ethics. We not only do this with quality but also with designs, we pride in curating collections which are versatile and contemporary so they amalgamate traditional and modern effortlessly to fit the diverse lifestyle of today. We love that these pieces can be styled in various ways for various occasions so you can make a lot more wear out of the pieces you love.


We sell all around the world with a mission to introduce these brands and their stories with an audience far and wide. All our packaging is sustainable and recyclable so you can shop guilt free.We believe the global multifaceted woman deserves something more, something unique and yet something versatile to suit her multifaceted lifestyle.